In-House Lab in Stuart, FL

Why is an in-house lab important?

The in-house dental laboratory at our office provides a major advantage over traditional practices. We are able to create complex restorations and prostheses that would be difficult without this equipment, as well as produce accurate copies of natural teeth for patients who require them with custom fitments based on their specific needs. A privilege few offices can enjoy - less than 1% have access  to an inside lab!

What to expect with in-house lab treatments?

We develop a customized plan to meet your smile goals. Our lab technicians take great care in crafting items that are unique and perfect for each patient; unlike other offices who have to send their appliances out to third parties (often taking weeks), our in-house lab gives us the ability to treat you sooner! With our team of dentists, assistants and lab technicians at your disposal we can work towards accomplishing any smile goals you have. Our specially trained staff make each item ensuring that they are customized for you with only the best materials used on site.

Would you like to learn more about our in-house lab?

Please Give Our Office a Call with any questions about how our in-house lab can benefit you and get you steps closer to the smile you’ve always wanted - in a shorter time!

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