Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation in Stuart, FL: The Key to a Naturally Beautiful Smile

If you've recently had a tooth extracted and are considering dental implants or other tooth replacement options, ridge augmentation could be an essential step in achieving the optimal results you desire. Performed at Seaside Dentistry by Dr. William D. Seefried, Jr., this procedure not only offers a solid foundation for dental implants but also improves the aesthetic appearance of your gums and jawline. Let's delve deeper into the benefits and intricacies of ridge augmentation, a service that many residents of Stuart, FL, North River Shores, Sewall's Point, Jensen Beach, Rocky Point, and Snug Harbor have already benefited from.

What is Ridge Augmentation?

Ridge augmentation is a specialized dental procedure that aims to recreate the natural contour of your gums and alveolar ridge of the jaw, especially after a tooth extraction. It's essentially a rebuilding process that sets the stage for successful dental implant placement by offering the necessary bone and tissue structure.

Why are Ridge Augmentations Performed?

After a tooth is extracted, the empty socket is typically expected to heal and fill with tissue or bone naturally. However, if the socket breaks or is compromised during the extraction, it may not heal on its own. This is where ridge augmentation comes into play. The procedure is often vital for patients who wish to proceed with dental implants, dental bridges, or even dentures. 

What Does the Ridge Augmentation Procedure Involve?

Immediately following a tooth extraction, the bone grafting material is placed in the empty socket. This material helps to rebuild the area and provides essential support for future tooth replacement options, like dental implants or crowns. Local anesthesia is commonly used to ensure patient comfort during the procedure.

How Much Does Ridge Augmentation Cost?

The cost of ridge augmentation can vary depending on several factors including the complexity of your case and your dental insurance coverage. For the most accurate estimate, we recommend scheduling a consultation at Seaside Dentistry by calling 772-283-6245.

What Are the Potential Risks for A Ridge Expansion?

While ridge augmentation is generally considered safe, there are potential risks such as infection, nerve damage, or insufficient bone growth. Dr. Seefried ensures that all safety protocols are stringently followed to minimize these risks.

What Is the Follow-up and Recovery Like for A Ridge Augmentation?

Recovery usually takes a few weeks, during which the area is allowed time for the bone to grow and heal. Patients are advised to follow a soft food diet initially and to avoid activities like using straws or smoking, which can hamper the healing process. Regular brushing and flossing should continue, albeit gently around the surgery area.

Additional Support and Information

Your journey to a beautiful and functional smile doesn’t have to be complicated. With a team of professionals led by Dr. William D. Seefried, Jr., your dental health is in good hands at Seaside Dentistry. We proudly serve the communities of Stuart, FL, and surrounding locations like North River Shores, Sewall's Point, Jensen Beach, Rocky Point, and Snug Harbor.

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